My name is

Jörg von Rönn

and I live in a town called Schleswig on the Holm. This is situated an federal state of Germany called Schleswig-Holstein


Yes, you read that right,  I live on  the Holm, because the  name Holm comes from  Old-Danish language and means island, and the Holm  was an island in former times. Even today the Holm is its own world with its own  written and spoken rules.

The  important part of the Holms is our church yard,  which is in the middle of the Holm. The church yard belongs to the “Holmer  Beliebung” and has  a chapel at the center. This is the final resting place for the brothers and sisters of the “Holmer  Beliebung”.

I was not born on the  Holm.  I have become part of the Holm by marriage. The family of my lovely wife Dorit has a  long history on the Holm. Her family  where the  brewers and distiller. But this was a long time ago and  ended with the 1st World War, as they needed copper  and bronze for the arms. The original front of the house is still standing today, but the rest of the house is new.

I can  look on a long history of our my family too, the von  Rönn, von Rönne, von Rönnen or vun der Runne even as the American part of the family, the Ronne. The family came from a part of  the state Niedersachsen, the Kehdinger Land. this is situated in the West of Stade and the river Oste with the town  Osten at the center.  later, in the early 20th century my family moved to Hamburg. There where others,  who moved to Hamburg and I think today there are more of us in Hamburg then in  the old homestead.

Here you’ll get back