Der Holm

And there where a lot of stories, and the storytellers where the radiostations of the history. I want to tell you about today, not the history And there is also a lot of stoff.

When you live on the Holm and you are not born there, you can’t understand, why the churchyard is there where the most life is. It’s the center of the Holm. Children are playing around the churchyard. When the football is flying over the fence, they go to fetch the ball and no one from the Holm is crying about. This is normal. It is also sure that the same children stand at the fence when there is a burial by the unsertakers. This is our way of life.

But not everybody can be buried on our churchyard. The person has to be  a member of the “Holmer Beliebung”. This is a  connection of the people on the Holm and their families, grounded in the year of the Lord  1650 and it is in eberybody’s choice to be a  member. The Oldgerman language is the language we speak on the Holm and we say: “De Doden mit Ehr unner de Eer”. This means translated: The people which have died with honor under the earth. This was short time after the black death something very special in the year 1650.  This was the fond of this fondation which is alive more then 350 years and has it’s  very deep ground in the society of the Holm. .

There are people on the Holm, they tell, that the fishers where on the Holm, before the Vikings where here in Haithabu and did their trading. Sure is, that Schleswig has  a  very long history. We have myths and nice tales. This can only be when there lived some people. A little piece of the stories is real, but the storytellers who told it, made the stories a little more interresting, like the newspapers do it nowadays.

churchyard with chapell

weapon and flag of the town Schleswig

Here you’ll get back

Das gelbe Haus ist Süderholm 17

This is the Süderholm with the churchyard on the left

Today it’s an insurance for death, but when we bury people we bury them by ourself. The men who carry the coffin are standing outside the chapell in theit black suits, black tie, black high hat and white shirt And there is no way  to say no, if you are prayed to carry the coffin. It is a honor to do it.

One time in the year we have a celebration. This is the time when the chairman is going and the next one is coming. When you are in honor, it is the years, you are a member of it, you will become a member of the chairmans. You will begin with the last of the eight, then every year you climb up one position and then in the ninth year you are the 2nd chairman. At midnight the 1st chairman is giving his position to the second and the second his job to the oldest position of the eight. Now this one  is 2nd chairman. This is a big celabration with a great ball with our wives in ballgowns and us in smokings. All people from the Holm are waiting that this times comes up, every year in June.

Dorit, my mother with the back to us, my mother in law and I.  The picture was made at the 350 year celebration of the  “Holmer Beliebung” in the year 2000.