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“Daniel, we know the man who is getting a bath. You too?”

”Yes, Jörg, for sure, because it is his boat”

“Wrong, try again!”

“Okay, I justzwanted to make a test.”

...going on

“Daniel, think for a halter at the trailer that we can try to put it out of the water:”

The boat is swimming

Now clean up the beach and boat to it’s place

Now the boat will be a submarine, until the wood gets wet and then the boat will swim alone after getting the water out.

I know, not a good view, but it has to be.

Vrijheid 1

Schle föffdich into water    part 1






“Oh, nearly forgotten...!”

close book


If you want to see the pictures bigger, klick on the picture

Today, at May 22th the boat swims like never before. It tells, we have done a succesfull job.