On the search for your forefathers

coat of arms of von Rönne


First look for birth-, marriage-, death-certifications, and other dates of your parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents, the older the certifications the  better. Now in the most times you know the homeseat of your forefathers.

If you found a forefather in the chronik you can find his father over the datas you find for him then look fore his father and so on.The best way is reading  backwards. Official datas are listet after 1650. Before this date 1650 you have only list of taxes and other documents

Good Luck!


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For all interested people, the chronic was written with three fonts. The most of you have installed Arial and Arial Narrow as standard font, because it is installed with  your Windows. The only problem is the font Old English. This font is not every installed and so, I give you this font to download

Now you only have to download the font and install it with your other fonts as standard font.

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