coat of arms of von Rönne

"von Rönne"
(those from  the  Runne)

traditions passed down about an ancient family from the Weser and Elbe  marshes
Gerhard von Rönn
A foreword by the translator,
Chaplain, Colonel Lowell A. Ronne

As grandson of a German  emigrant, I had a strong desire to know the who,  what, where of my  forefathers and the culture which surrounded them. Born the  year my  grandfather died in a "buggy accident", I was not to learn of my parentage. Due  to the international political, social and economic circumstances at the time,  many Germany emigrants simply preferred to remain silent about  their past.  After World War II, my yearning for the details of my Ronne heritage persisted.

Thanks to my sister-in-law  Doris Ronne, and cousin Frances (Hammer) Dole who  had researched so  diligently many years, contact was made in 1983 with the von  Ronne family  in Germany. It was a miracle.

Doris, about to abandon her  search, had decided once more to


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blanket north  Germany  with her inquiries. The day after a lady in the parish office of  Neustadt,  Schleswig-Holstein hadreceived Doris letter, she  received a call from Hamburg seeking the same information about grandfather  Frederich Christopher Martin von Rönne. The lady gave Marion Heesch Doris  address, suggesting she might wish to contact Mrs. Ronne in Sacramento. Thus we  found a link with those of our German family. Ensuing Cora and I made several  visits to Europe to learn more.

At first , in May 1984 we  were able to visit with Marion and her daughter Irene, who with gracious  hospitality showed us the home where grandfather was born and points of interest  about his childhood. On our visit to Osten, where  grandfather’s  forefathers originated, we learned that some one was writing a chronicle of theGerhard von Rönn, author of  this work, whom I have never personally met but consider very dear the  friendship which we have developed through E-mail, committed many years  assembling data about the von Rönne family, often  reorganizing and  correcting his findings. For our extended Ronne family, I give him our hearty  gratitude for this scholarly link to our past. His learned  endeavor to  preserve the data about our forefathers for future generations is   certainly most commendable.

Having received a copy of  the chronicle from cousin Marion, I immediately  endeavored to find someone  who could and would translate for us. But to no  avail. Nothing to do but  use my von Rönne family.


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