minimal  knowledge of the German language and translate. With the help of  Randy Von Ronne of Eugene Oregon, Gerhard and his son  Jörg von  Rönn, friends and my Langenscheidts Large School dictionaries, I  have  been able finally to put this cherished work into the  English language.

In  this endeavor, I considered the following guidelines:

Preserve the  data assembled by the author as accurately and literally as possible  so the generations following us might know in certainty about their  heritage.

In  early times, dating of documents often were oriented around  religious  holidays.

Leave some  writings in their original dialects to enrich the understanding of  our culture without compromising accuracy of details.

Spelling of  names often followed the hearing of the writers.

Due to format  differences between the German and the English (i.e. font size.  margins, etc) there would, of necessity, be variations to permit the  juxtaposing, page vis-ā-vis page, from the German to the English  text on a  website, accommodating research by those who wish  further information about their ancestry.

Documentation  references should be sustained in their original form to   facilitate further research.

To  be open to correction and new findings. As Gerhard has written, I  too say,  "Certainly will failure slip in under me also, but  today’s material is  voluminous and through this "work up" is  easier to survey. The next Chronicler will, for sure, yet do  better".

Once more, I  personally want to thank Herr Gerhard for committing so many years  of research to learn of his forefathers. As we have discovered are  the same as mine. His findings have greatly satisfied my yearning to  know about my "Urheimat", the original homeland of my ancestral  fathers. (See page VR070)

Lowell A.  Ronne

Chaplain,  Colonel, USAF, Retired



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Lowell A. Ronne died at Nov. 25th, 2007. He was the forerider with translation of the chronicle. We will miss him.

Lowell A. Ronne

Lowell A. Ronne
Nov. 24th,1920  - Nov. 25th,  2007