Now I will tell you about my dad, Gerhard von Rönn, and his great work. With a steadiness and endurance he researched in state archives and archives of the churches for forefathers of the family von Rönn(e). The oldest scripts where dated by the year 1300.

In  the year 1993 he was ready with the chronic. He published it. The people found it terrific and he got a  big resonance. Four chronics in German got the way to the USA with Lowell A. Ronne from California. In February of 2001 a letter came from the USA. Randy von Ronne asked for publish the chronic in the internet.

While Randy wrote from America with an English-German translation program, which we grounded immediately, Lowell wrote in German. He had a big pleasure by exercising the German language.

While Lowell was translating the chronic, he had lot of questions because of the old German words. He asked dad what this and that could be. Dad translated the Old German into our German what is today in use. Chaplain Colonel Lowell A. Ronne is pictured on the titlepage.

Randy and I have published Lowell A. Ronne’s English translation of the chronic. You can read also the German chronic. Both are in PDF-files.

Lowell and dad now write emails on regular basis and Lowell plans to visit Germany in the September 2002.

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Gerhard von Rönn 2001