In May 2001 Randy visited Germany . He and his son Jeff stayed at our home in Schleswig. This was an adventure I won’t have missed.  We traveled under the advices of my dad on the steps of our forefathers. I think, Randy would do it again at once. But there is a 13 hours flight or 5000 miles or 9 hours in the time zones. But sometimes the phone is ringing. In Oregon. When we are at supper he will sit for breakfast.

Now it comes!

If you know more then the chronic tells to you, give us a note. It could be a copy of your document.. Nobody is perfect. Often there are documentes, which are small but tell a lot about the family. Give you a try.

My email-address is .

I also will try to answer your questions, but I please you, give me the time to ask dad. He is the master.

I wish you a nice time and a good search for your forefathers. Maybe with a little chance you can follow them back till the 13th century.

Have a nice time and take care of your self

Jörg von Rönn

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Randy and Jeff at the mill of Dybbol.

 This is in the near of Sonderburg/DK.